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Cultural Extravaganza (July 12, 2007)

A great deal has happened since i last left you fellow blogites. are now part of the blog community...sad though it is...i know...but accept your blog are of the future of the world!! anyway...i am now in wales...the homeland! really feels great to be

here, a place where when people respond to my name (ryan). they

say..."ahh...that sounds welsh...ya??" Quite cool when i can proudly

answer "yes, actually" and then continue on about my Grandpa Morgan from Pontardulias.  Because so much has been going on i will be concise about the

latest events. (or try anyway...) After my wonderful day of tea with

the locals...(picture included in the blog)...i went to catch up with

Mel, Dan and Romina for a pint at a pub called the Shakespeare (how

appropriate) where Mel, Romina and i all realized that the beer here

is quite strong (especially with no dinner for myself) and we were

quite a happy folk walking home that eve. I then took them to the

hostel to prove i was not living in a dingy alley or rat-infested

hostel hole, and shared the leftover food the ladies insisted i take

from our tea-time...yummy scones for all! All around fun day.The next day our itinerary started with the new HARRY POTTER movie!

Yes...we had to see it here...second day of release! I wore my

Gryfindor tie like a dorky kid...i looked about 14 years old with that

thing on. We then trekked to Soho for a veggie lunch that was

amazing!! i was incredibly happy as you might imagine. yummm. We

hopped on the tube to try and get a tour of the Tower of London only

to arrive about 2 minutes late. Ahh well...the outside looked pretty

sweet anyway. The rest of my eve was filled with an interesting time

with none other than the Ambassador to Honduras. hahaha...oh...i am

completely serious. And I might as well tell you that the next night

Romina and I were also treated to a free nights sleep at his "posh"

apartment. Explanation needed: Romina is from Honduras and her sister

is friends (grew up with) Ivan...the Ambassador. so...of course he

wanted to take us out and treat us. No argument here! We all met up

with him...and he's like...great...drinks, dinner, everything on me!

So i'm thinkin this guy is gonna show us around the sweet secret spots

of London...then the next words were..."Planet Hollywood ok??!""

Yeeea.....i came 5,000 miles to eat at a planet hollywood...but what

could i say. it's like his favorite place to go. the last thing i

wanted to do was step foot inside a planet hollywood, no less visit

the gift shop...where as you might guess i did in fact get pulled

into. Ivan, the generous chap that he is, would not let ROmina or I

leave without getting something. So i finally reluctantly picked out a

shirt to add to my t-shirt collection that needs to do anything but

grow. Then when we leave the store...he says "oh...check your bag...i

got you something else...surprise!" it's another t-shirt!! apparently

because of my reluctance he thought it'd be funny to get me ANOTHER

shirt! i mean...the nicest guy...but again...the last thing i needed

was another piece of fabric to stuff into my backpack suitcase that

practically topples over, half crushing my body as i try to hike

across the city. But i suppose it made me face the fact that there are

indeed plenty of Londoners who quite enjoy this planet hollywood. it

was not packed with tourists...but in fact, many kids celebrating

their birthdays (apparently it is a london birthday hot-spot). i must

leave my own preconceived judgments about what american restaurants

mean to was an anthropological learning experience one

might say...haha. interesting as it was.  Romina and i slept in the next day (ahh...floor sleeping is good)

and consequently could not find Mel the entire day! Oh how much we

rely on cell phones today... Romina and I had quite the fun though.

Wish i could include all the funny stories but they'll have to wait

until i see ya in person...just won't be the same otherwise. But some

tidbits of the day included the amazing British Museum which one could

literally spend years investigating and studying its incredible

collection. Brother Aquinas would be proud. Really made me want to

continue in school, never stop learning, never stop exploring... We

then headed to the Globe Theater (but unable to get a tour) we happily

looked around at the pictures of Shakespeare's theater (even though

it's been rebuilt it stil counts!) and snapped a couple of pictures.

Wish we could have seen a show there, but hey at least we saw it...i

feel a little better about myself as a theatre person...heh. Right

next to the Globe was the Tate Modern art museum where Romina and I

tried desperately to stay on our weary feet for more artsy stimulus in

an already incredibly enlightening day. We did of course, and saw an

amazing exhibit of a huge collection and special exhibit of Dali's

work. Pretty awesome. After asking a local we found a little Indian restuarant on the back-alleys of Soho that was incredible, especially after a long day. We ate way too much food and felt fully cleansed of planet hollywood. We walked out smelling of body and brain were both exhausted, my stomach full of tastey food...great day.

Next day Romina and I awoke in the Ambassador's home...ahhh yes.

haha. He took us to the Natural History Museum for a quick look before

we headed off to meet Mel and bus-out to Cardiff. We had trouble

rousing, but were happy when we arrived to giant dinosaur skeletons

and a Darwin exhibit in the museum. Sweeeeeet. The bus ride was quite

eventful...and by this i mean...SLEEP counts as eventful. Lovely. We

arrived to green and red dragons, oddly named streets, with the

letters d, w, and y abound (and often next to each other at that). I

couldn't wipe the grin off my face. Though the sky was gloomy i guess

it felt a little like home.

Cheers! (July 9, 2007)

Hey thar everyone! So I'll have to make this precious internet time is ticking away. So...I arrive in London swiftly, uneventful...just the way I like my plane flights and trekked with my 50 pounder on my back to the beautiful astor victoria hostel. sounds nice doesn't it?? yes...sounds nice. actually it's very comfortable for a hostel and besides the snoring woman in my room last night it's been great. i almost threw my sock at her...but i really can't afford to lose any. it was very tempting. anyway, so far highlights include Buckingham palace, where i arrived just in time to see the "posh rich people" (quoted from a police officer) coming out of the palace from an afternoon tea with the queen. and there were tons of them...all looking very properly upper-class, white Britians. top hats, canes and all. I then walked all around the parks. Very beautiful in the midst of a bustling city. when i went to shop for my paupers dinner selection i had a moment of panic...there was no peaunut butter!! luckily i went to another store ('s that important to me) and was able to feast on a delightful backpacker style dinner...don't worry there was bread involved as well. i wasn't sadly scooping peanut butter from the jar.

Next day i took off for another unplanned adventure and ended up as Westminster Abbey hre i took in the amazing architecture and incredible history of the place. The gardens were open so i went outside and decided to eat my lunch there. It was also stated that a brass band would be playing later. So i waited around...snacked on my sandwhich and just enjoyed being in a brand new place. The older people began flooding in so i new the music was soon to start. To very nice old ladies asked to sit at my table and we sat there for the next 2 hours listening to the music, humming along to familiar tunes and chatting. They invited me to tea the next day which i happily accepted! The two of them were so great. I even found out that they live about a 3 minute walk from where i'm staying! Today I went and spent another 2 1/2 hours with them...and if i may say as they would. it was quite "lovely". I had trouble leaving. Picture coming soon...

And amazingly enough that day at the Abby...right as i was leaving the old ladies, Mel (who i am going to be theatreing with in Edinburgh) ran into me!! I mean...the city has 7 million people or so. I don't know what the odds are of running into was incredible. So i spent the rest of the day with her family and we went to an amazing war museum and winston churchill exhibit which is literally the underground bunker station the British gov't used during the war. Everything is entirely preserved just as it was...creepy but amazing.

That night Mel and I met up with Romina checked out Piccadilly Circus area and got some dinner. It stays light out until about's great. Well...time is up...laters!

The start! July 9th, 2007

Yes...this blog is old. I didn't like the old blogsite so i'm switching and hoping to gather more adoring fans. any takers? here you go...!


Free time to spare?

It's new, it's hip, it's fresh, it's ridiculously's THE TRAVEL BLOG!!

Hey there to everyone either slightly interested, curious, and/or perhaps fervently excited (weirdo) to read about my life. Thanks for coming to the Travel Blog!! I feel strange even saying that word..."blog". It sorta leaves a bad taste in my mouth like i've eaten some rotten food or something. I mean even the sound of the word alone..."blog"...sounds much too similar to "blaaah" or "blob". And i guess I just get the image of geeky cyber-nerd hangin out in front of a flashing screen for 8 hours a day. But nonetheless...i now have my very own...oh own...(cringe)..."blog".

It seems crazy that time has gone so quickly and that all my talk of "i'm just going to travel for a while" (i.e. a great excuse to not head into the working world) has come to fruition (fancy college word...heh). If you're interested to check up on me as i head out and across only a small portion of our huge i'll be! (in words and pictures anyway).

First part of my journey starts in my closet where I am currently trying to sort through mountains of clothes and stuff to bring along for 6 months. Tomorrow I will head to London where I'll be for 5 days seeing the city and such. From there I go to Wales and Scotland for my internship with the Edinburgh Theatre Festival...woo! Very excited for the hard work and hard drinking (a real cultural experience). Parentals will be visiting at the end of August to see some of the shows i will have worked on and then we're off to Ireland to play for a week (more beer??).

That's all i'll tell for now. Don't want to give it all away too soon! So hopefully I'll be able to keep you updated by way of dingy internet cafes and also keep you mildly entertained to get through the rambling paragraphs (amusing pictures should help all of you who don't really do the whole reading thing).

I"ll miss you all but for now i'm off to see the back of an airline seat for 10 hours!!


Ryan/Lindsay/RL/Bartz/Boo Boo

p.s. i don't like to capitalize my "i"'s...don't take it personally