Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheers! (July 9, 2007)

Hey thar everyone! So I'll have to make this precious internet time is ticking away. So...I arrive in London swiftly, uneventful...just the way I like my plane flights and trekked with my 50 pounder on my back to the beautiful astor victoria hostel. sounds nice doesn't it?? yes...sounds nice. actually it's very comfortable for a hostel and besides the snoring woman in my room last night it's been great. i almost threw my sock at her...but i really can't afford to lose any. it was very tempting. anyway, so far highlights include Buckingham palace, where i arrived just in time to see the "posh rich people" (quoted from a police officer) coming out of the palace from an afternoon tea with the queen. and there were tons of them...all looking very properly upper-class, white Britians. top hats, canes and all. I then walked all around the parks. Very beautiful in the midst of a bustling city. when i went to shop for my paupers dinner selection i had a moment of panic...there was no peaunut butter!! luckily i went to another store ('s that important to me) and was able to feast on a delightful backpacker style dinner...don't worry there was bread involved as well. i wasn't sadly scooping peanut butter from the jar.

Next day i took off for another unplanned adventure and ended up as Westminster Abbey hre i took in the amazing architecture and incredible history of the place. The gardens were open so i went outside and decided to eat my lunch there. It was also stated that a brass band would be playing later. So i waited around...snacked on my sandwhich and just enjoyed being in a brand new place. The older people began flooding in so i new the music was soon to start. To very nice old ladies asked to sit at my table and we sat there for the next 2 hours listening to the music, humming along to familiar tunes and chatting. They invited me to tea the next day which i happily accepted! The two of them were so great. I even found out that they live about a 3 minute walk from where i'm staying! Today I went and spent another 2 1/2 hours with them...and if i may say as they would. it was quite "lovely". I had trouble leaving. Picture coming soon...

And amazingly enough that day at the Abby...right as i was leaving the old ladies, Mel (who i am going to be theatreing with in Edinburgh) ran into me!! I mean...the city has 7 million people or so. I don't know what the odds are of running into was incredible. So i spent the rest of the day with her family and we went to an amazing war museum and winston churchill exhibit which is literally the underground bunker station the British gov't used during the war. Everything is entirely preserved just as it was...creepy but amazing.

That night Mel and I met up with Romina checked out Piccadilly Circus area and got some dinner. It stays light out until about's great. Well...time is up...laters!

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