Friday, April 3, 2009

The start! July 9th, 2007

Yes...this blog is old. I didn't like the old blogsite so i'm switching and hoping to gather more adoring fans. any takers? here you go...!


Free time to spare?

It's new, it's hip, it's fresh, it's ridiculously's THE TRAVEL BLOG!!

Hey there to everyone either slightly interested, curious, and/or perhaps fervently excited (weirdo) to read about my life. Thanks for coming to the Travel Blog!! I feel strange even saying that word..."blog". It sorta leaves a bad taste in my mouth like i've eaten some rotten food or something. I mean even the sound of the word alone..."blog"...sounds much too similar to "blaaah" or "blob". And i guess I just get the image of geeky cyber-nerd hangin out in front of a flashing screen for 8 hours a day. But nonetheless...i now have my very own...oh own...(cringe)..."blog".

It seems crazy that time has gone so quickly and that all my talk of "i'm just going to travel for a while" (i.e. a great excuse to not head into the working world) has come to fruition (fancy college word...heh). If you're interested to check up on me as i head out and across only a small portion of our huge i'll be! (in words and pictures anyway).

First part of my journey starts in my closet where I am currently trying to sort through mountains of clothes and stuff to bring along for 6 months. Tomorrow I will head to London where I'll be for 5 days seeing the city and such. From there I go to Wales and Scotland for my internship with the Edinburgh Theatre Festival...woo! Very excited for the hard work and hard drinking (a real cultural experience). Parentals will be visiting at the end of August to see some of the shows i will have worked on and then we're off to Ireland to play for a week (more beer??).

That's all i'll tell for now. Don't want to give it all away too soon! So hopefully I'll be able to keep you updated by way of dingy internet cafes and also keep you mildly entertained to get through the rambling paragraphs (amusing pictures should help all of you who don't really do the whole reading thing).

I"ll miss you all but for now i'm off to see the back of an airline seat for 10 hours!!


Ryan/Lindsay/RL/Bartz/Boo Boo

p.s. i don't like to capitalize my "i"'s...don't take it personally

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